When To Change Fluids

Other Signs You Need A Change

Most manufactures, for typical drivers, suggest changing your fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If you are using your vehicle for heavy-duty activities, the suggested number of miles before a change drops to 15,000 miles.

If you haven’t changed your fluid, here are some signs you need a change:

  • Delay in Vehicle Movement
  • Problems shifting gears
  • Weird noises from transmission
  • The surging of the vehicle

The Problem

  • A typical transmission drain-and-refill service replaces only 40% of the old contaminated ATF
  • The remaining ATF is trapped inside valve bodies, the torque converter and transmission cooler lines
  • New ATF from a conventional drain-and-refill service can often loosen damaging sludge and varnish deposits, but not remove them, which can lead to shift problems and even transmission failure
  • Automatic transmission replacement can cost more than $2,500 USD.

The Solution

A Wynn’s Transmission Service:

  • Removes over 95% of the used contaminated fluid
  • Utilizes a specially formulated transmission cleaning chemistry that safely removes harmful sludge and varnish deposits, which are removed with the old fluid
  • Benefits of adding proprietary conditioning chemicals to the new ATF include:
    • Extended transmission fluid life
    • No more rough or hard shifting problem
    • Revitalized seals and o-rings to help stop and prevent leaks
  • Wynn’s unique Transmission Service equipment carries multiple patents and is approved by major motor vehicle manufacturers
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